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The powerful influence of design on property buyers

Aesthetic appeal goes far beyond simply appreciating the way something looks. It evokes a feeling: an emotional and psychological response that urges you to make it yours. So, to attract potential property buyers, your development must engage the purchaser visually in the display suite. Here’s how design aspects such as colour and layout influence buyer behaviour and how we use them to create display suites that sell out developments.

Forest Reach Sales Office for Stockland
Forest Reach Sales Office for Stockland. Photo by Mitch Hickman Films

How do colours influence buying?

Incorporating the right colours into your property development and display suite greatly affects how potential purchasers perceive a space. When we design a sales office, our first port of call is assessing the brand logo of the development. For example, if the branding features metallics or gradients, we know that the development is pitched at the premium end of the market. In contrast, vibrant and primary-based colours would move the development into more of a first-home buyer market. By using colours as a communication tool, buyers get an immediate sense of whether the development is pitched at them or is appealing to an alternate buyer segment.  

Village Green Sales Office
Village Green Sales Office

What colour is most appealing to buyers?

Each buyer will have their own preferences regarding colour schemes, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your development’s design is universally appealing. Warmer shades – such as burgundy, terracotta, peach and buttery yellow – create an air of excitement and creativity. Meanwhile, cooler tones – such as sky blue, sage, olive and lavender – make prospective buyers feel calm and relaxed. 

Current trends we’re seeing? Pastels are still popular, but we also see combinations that were once considered jarring but are now at the forefront of design. Think sumptuous olives and salmon pinks. Deep emerald greens and bone beige tones.  

Versatile neutrals also have their place, with shades of white, cream, grey, beige and brown conveying sophistication and timelessness and increasing perceived value. We’re excited by layering neutral tones on tones. Lighter colours make a space feel more open and expansive, while deeper colours evoke a sense of intimacy and cosiness. Also, remember that thoughtfully chosen accent colours will draw attention to design elements you’re keen to showcase – so be sure to add some strategically placed pops (of colour and Champagne)!

Modeina Sales Office for The Dennis Family
Modeina Sales Office for The Dennis Family. Photo by Daniella Fulford Photography

Taking cultural considerations into account

Cultural and regional preferences also influence colour perception, as certain colours may be associated with specific meanings or symbolism. Consider your target demographic and their cultural background when selecting colours that attract buyers to create a more appealing environment for your perfect purchaser.

Unity Park Sales Office
Unity Park Sales Office from HB Land. Photography by Emma Elizabeth Photography

Why is layout important for a sales office?

Your sales office layout design ensures a space’s functionality and sense of flow. By optimising your development’s layout – and giving buyers an initial impression of this through your display suite – you’ll provide a platform for prospective purchasers to be introduced to information about the development in a clear narrative. The carefully designed customer journey will take the purchaser on a logical path through the sales office and provide the sales consultant with key touch points to ask key questions to tailor the information accordingly. They’ll start to picture their future in development and will consider the development as a viable option for their future.

Harlow Sales Office
Harlow Sales Office. Photography by Emma Elizabeth Photography

How layout impacts your development and display suite

Luckily, Diva Works knows how to make your development shine like a star. We’re talking about maximising every square inch of space, crafting spaces that are the definition of perfection, and ensuring foot traffic flows well throughout the sales office. Showcasing the space’s versatility with strategically placed furniture and creating designated zones for different display suite aspects will have buyers living for the possibilities and make every sale a whole lot easier.

Waterline Place Sales Office
Waterline Sales Office for AVJennings. Photo by Daniella Fulford Photography

Creating buyers’ dream developments and display suites

Design is pivotal in determining how prospective purchasers feel about your property development. By carefully considering how your property’s design will likely impact feelings, functionality and flow, you’ll inspire confidence that purchasing in your development is the smart decision for owner-occupiers and investors alike. 

Captivate buyers’ eyes and hearts with colours and layouts aligning with their design-related desires and playing to your property’s strengths. To ensure that these are carried through to your display suite, making buyers’ first impression of your property a positive one, get in touch with our team of Divas! We’d love to point you in the right direction and help you secure those sales.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies