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2024 Interior design trends for display suites

Whether they’ll admit to it or not, everyone’s captivated by trends to some extent. And savvy buyers will no doubt be comparing your development with others in the market to ensure it’s of comparable quality and aesthetic appeal – which is why you need to ensure your development’s display suite isn’t stuck in the past.

Since the Divas are all about simplifying the design process for our clients, we’ve rounded up 2024’s top trends to consider when curating your development’s display suite. After all, it needs to reflect your development’s timeless appeal and show potential clients they can trust that you’re on top of what’s up and coming trend-wise. A seamless blend of the two will help you sell more developments.

Quiet luxury

The concept of quiet luxury is one of our favourite trends for 2024. Stylish and sophisticated, yet a touch understated, this trend sees timeless pieces and classic silhouettes as the focal point of each room. Subtle rather than flashy, quiet luxury suits a range of design styles – making it the perfect backdrop for buyers looking to put their stamp on their space. A touch of luxury in your display suite is certain to impress.

The Prince and Parade sales office exemplifies how our interior designer, Rachael, used quiet luxury as a design direction.

Prince and Parade Sales Office
Photo by Daniela Fulford Photography

Natural materials

This year, interior designers are using natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble to evoke a sense of calm and a spa-like sensibility. Along with these materials, embrace soft neutral tones—such as creams, beiges, and tans—to infuse your display suite with a connection to nature. Organic, textured finishes are also popular due to their inherent dimension and movement, bringing the space to life.

The Modeina Sales Office is an example of natural materials used by our interior designer, Lily.

Modeina Sales Office
Photo by Daniela Fulford Photography

Curves and waves

In line with the design world’s increasing emphasis on sustainability, the move towards responsibly sourced wood has led us to the trend of curved, wavy and fluted furniture. This departure from sharp, straight edges adds a dash of elegance to interiors, injecting visual interest into any space. Incorporate these elements into dining tables, seating options and even walls in your display suite to enhance its flow.

The Sussex Inlet Sales Office is a great example of how curves and waves can be used in interior fit-out.

Sussex Inlet Sales Office
Photo by GGC Visuals

Being bold

Elevate your display suite’s aesthetic with bold styling and pops of colour. In 2024, we’re shifting towards warmer wood shades, saturated jewel tones and rich textures that perfectly complement your development’s design choices. Unexpected combinations of colours and textures will demonstrate your understanding of current trends and inspire potential buyers to personalise their space.

The bold colours of the Aston brand were brought to life by our interior designer, Lily, in the sales office design.

Photo by Daniela Fulford Photography


You’ll want to avoid sterile, minimalistic spaces that don’t look lived-in. Instead, add handmade décor and one-of-a-kind pieces from local artisans to your display suite. This will give potential buyers a sense of connection to their surroundings and excite them about the prospect of adding character to their space. Infusing one’s personality into one’s home is a trend that’ll stand the test of time

Hand-cut leaves to match the Village Green branding were part of the design created by our interior designer, Lily, for the Village Green sales office.

Village Green sales office
Photo by KDMedia

Incorporating 2024’s top trends into your development’s display suite

Buyers want their dream home to tick all their boxes. And many of those boxes have to do with what’s happening inside their space. From layout to colours to fittings and fixtures – your development’s display suite should capture their imagination and leave them pondering what’s possible post-purchase. What is your next step? Have your display suite carefully and creatively put together by the trend-conscious Diva Works team in a way that makes sense for your development. Contact us today to discuss what’s trending and what we can do for your development’s display suite.

Remi Audette
Remi Audette