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Essential marketing collateral every sales office needs

When designing marketing collateral, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, it needs to capture the attention of potential buyers while also being informative, building trust in your brand and encouraging them to think seriously about investing in your development – whether as an owner-occupier or a landlord. So, we’ve put together this handy marketing collateral checklist to help you tick off what you need to organise for your sales office

Sidebar! Not all collateral needs to be printed! You can use those wonderful QR codes we all got so used to using in COVID-19 times for downloads and mini-sites.  The added benefit is that offering collateral digitally means that you can measure downloads and also add customer details to your CRM for a better user experience.

What is sales marketing collateral?

When marketing a property, brochures, floor plans, virtual tours, samples of finishes, and renderings are crucial in engaging and guiding buyers through the purchasing journey.

Why do property developers need marketing collateral in their sales offices?

As a property developer, you’ll require various marketing collateral items during the sales process. Each piece serves a purpose, and together, they should cover all your bases when it comes to the following:

Capturing attention

Marketing collateral will likely be the first thing your prospective purchasers see – whether it’s an online brochure while they’re browsing for inspo or your sales office sign-on visiting your display suite. Eye-catching collateral will instantly instil excitement in your target demographic, so be sure to use imagery and design elements that reflect your development’s unique offering. Collateral can even form part of your sales office decor, with brochures lining the walls of your suite!

Educating buyers

Marketing collateral is an important resource for potential buyers, as it provides comprehensive information about the development – from floor plans to amenities, pricing, available units and location data. By equipping buyers with relevant information, sales and marketing collateral empowers them to make informed decisions about their prospective purchase.

Building trust

Well-designed and professionally produced marketing collateral will show off your skill, care and attention to detail, instilling confidence in prospective purchasers. Presenting information in a clear, concise and aesthetically appealing manner will enable you to build trust and credibility with your target market, encouraging them to genuinely believe that your development is a decision that’ll benefit them now and into the future.

Driving sales

On leaving your sales office, your target market won’t be able to stop thinking about your property development. Beautifully and strategically designed marketing collateral will give them something to flick through on their return home, keeping your development in mind. It should also effectively communicate your development’s value and address potential concerns.

Essential sales and marketing collateral for display suites

Although each piece of sales and marketing collateral is important, they’re not gonna cut it on their own. You’ll need an entire suite of collateral and marketing items to effectively show off your new property development and persuade potential buyers to proceed with their purchase. Here’s exactly what you’ll need to market your property development effectively. 


Brochures are a staple of any sales office and provide a comprehensive overview of the property development. Well-designed brochures serve as tangible takeaways for potential buyers to review and reference at their convenience.

Brochures were designed to be within easy reach at the Aston sales office.

Aston sales office

Floor plans

Detailed floor plans offer buyers insight into the layout and configuration of available units. This helps them visualise their future living space and find where they can fit their furniture, decor and other belongings.

Sales office
Photography by Daniela Fulford Photography

Virtual tours

Immersive virtual tours provide buyers with a realistic and interactive experience of your property development. They allow them to explore the space and amenities from the comfort of your sales office, improving buyer engagement and providing them with a deeper connection with the property.

Luma Sales Office
Photography by Nicolas Raul Photography

Renderings and visualisations

High-quality renderings and visualisations showcase the property’s architectural design and aesthetic appeal, offering a glimpse into the possibilities when buyers make their purchase. These also enhance your sales office decor!

Photography by Daniela Fulford Photography

Price lists

Transparent and comprehensive price lists outline the costs of various units, including base prices, upgrades, and additional fees. Price lists help buyers understand the financial implications of their purchase.

Promotional materials

Flyers, banners, posters, and other promotional materials can generate excitement and drum up interest in your property development. Strategically place them throughout your sales office to attract attention and engage prospective purchasers.

Sales and marketing collateral that sells

With consistent, accessible, and interactive sales and marketing collateral where possible, you can create compelling experiences for prospective purchases and ultimately drive conversions. Beautifully and strategically designed marketing collateral will elevate your sales office to a new level – especially if you make the most of an expert lens. With over two decades of experience in designing display suites and accompanying collateral, the Divas have your back when designing marketing collateral that accurately reflects your development’s strengths and genuinely resonates with buyers.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies