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New to sales offices? Read this.

Since you’re here, you’re probably already aware that your display suite is integral to the property sales process. After all, it’s where your property development comes to life – albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. But maybe you have not done a sales office yet, or you’ve got a couple under your belt, and the results have been less than stellar. With so many elements to consider and concepts to squeeze into this condensed space, it’s essential to think about (and budget for) your project’s specific goals. Luckily for you, the Divas are here to help with a detailed rundown of the intricacies of display suite design and fit out.

What are the steps of a fit out project?

First, let’s outline the steps involved in your fitout project—at least, these are the steps if you decide your display suite needs the Diva Works touch. We can’t speak for other designers, but our process has been designed to be smooth, streamlined, and seamless. So you can trust that your fitout project will go perfectly according to plan!

Who is the customer?

As part of the briefing process, we deep-dive into your target demographic, ensuring a complete understanding of ideal buyers’ preferences and objectives. This involves creating a customer journey map designed to keep everything cohesive across the board—from messaging to marketing—and really impact completion. 

Design and build

Then comes the fun (and strategic!) part: designing your display suite, tailoring it to your target demographic’s tastes and telling your development’s story. Our crazy-talented interior designers will carefully craft a space that suits the building, the brand,  and its surroundings while incorporating elements that really resonate with buyers. Then, we’ll source a top-notch team to put it all together.

Styling and celebrating

Hand-selected decor and styling items are the finishing touches before you’re ready to pop the Champagne. Then, welcome prospective purchasers to your sparkling new sales office or marketing suite tailored to your target demographic’s tastes.

Unity Park Sales Office
Unity Park Sales Office

What are the benefits of a sales office fit out?

Whether you’re after an office fit out design, a showroom, or a display suite, you’re creating a space that shows off your speciality, makes a lasting impression, entices visitors to stay a while, and encourages them to take a piece of what you’re selling home—whether tangible or emotional. Here are some benefits of a perfectly planned and executed fitout for your development’s display suite.

Bringing the development vision to life

Your display suite is the place to present your development in the best light. It should still give prospective buyers a detailed understanding of the development’s key attributes and a sense of the community they will potentially be a part of. The Divas can help you make the most of it with our expertise in display suites.

Face-to-face marketing 

A central hub from which to meet and greet clients, prepare contracts and show off all your development’s key elements? Your display suite’s got you covered. Not to mention, it’s the perfect place to host presentations, exhibitions, and sales events related to your development. After all, everything’s right there, and you’re ready to go. A sales office is the only part of the marketing mix where customers can engage personally with the selling team, have all their questions answered and be guided through the buying process. Bonus! Your sales team are getting real-time feedback on buyer preferences, the state of the market and price points.

More than tyre-kicking 

By providing an immersive and interactive experience, your display suite can engage potential buyers on a deeper level than simply scouring listings online. They can explore the development at their own pace, visualise themselves living or investing in the property, and ask questions face-to-face – leading to more informed decision-making.

Stand out from your competitors 

The real estate market is competitive—you know it, we know it—but a beautifully and strategically designed display suite will work wonders to set you apart from other property developers. Your Diva-designed display suite will showcase your professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Create focal points

Use the principles of strategic placement to designate spots within the sales office that will draw visitors’ attention. This could be a striking piece of artwork, a feature wall with textured wallpaper, or a visual display of the property model. This will distract from the size-challenged nature of your sales office and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Atherstone Sales Office for Lendlease VIC
Atherstone Sales Office for Lendlease VIC

Why you need strategic display suite design

A display suite that’s been meticulously put together from start to finish will reap rewards in spades. As an accurate reflection of your property development’s interior design, your fit out represents the quality of your proposed development. It also highlights specific features and details through decor choices, capturing potential buyers’ attention. 

But it’s more than a pretty space!  The sales office needs to sell. Sales tools need to be placed within easy reach of the sales team. Informative graphics like aerial maps with key amenities marked and touch screens to select internal finishes must be located at the right point in the customer journey. 

With strategic design decisions, visitors will feel connected to the space from the second they step through the door, instantly making them feel like they can see themselves living there. Finally, a carefully constructed display suite will attract the right market—meaning that by considering your target demographic’s preferences and lifestyle, a prospective purchase will be particularly appealing.

From fit-out to sold-out

Ready to drive sales for your property development? Get in touch with Diva Works. We’ll get started on your perfect property development showcase, stat – so you can sell, sell, sell!

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies