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How to make the most of a size-challenged sales office

People often say bigger is better. This is true for Cheesecake servings and 80’s style blowwaves. But we believe good things come in small packages. To us, no space is too small to showcase what sets your property development apart successfully. However, a lack of square meterage can make deciding how to display those all-important selling points a little trickier.

That’s why we’re here: to share sales office design ideas and help you make the most of your display suite, regardless of any size limitations you may be struggling with. After all, your display suite gives potential buyers a physical, tangible insight into their new home or investment – so you need to make every centimetre count! 

Small sales office design strategies

One of the most challenging parts of interior design is making small spaces look more spacious. However, there are several ways to highlight your development’s strengths despite working with a display suite that’s on the more compact side. Here are a few of our favourites:

Optimise layout

Start by carefully assessing your display suite’s layout. Keep an open-plan design that mirrors – for example – the essence of the apartments in your development, and add proportionate furniture pieces that don’t take up too much room. Be sure to consider the flow of the space and ensure that paths of traffic remain clear. This means making the most of your corners!

Henley Brook Sales Office for Mirvac. Photography by Silvertone
Henley Brook Sales Office for Mirvac. Photography by Silvertone

Maximise light

Wherever possible, make use of natural light to brighten up the space. Large windows or skylights can make a small room feel far more expansive. Consider using sheer curtains or blinds to control glare while still allowing ample light to filter through. Supplementing natural light with wall sconces or lamps will make the suite warm and inviting.

Kimna Valley Sales Office for Lendlease. Photography by High Shots Photography
Kimna Valley Sales Office for Lendlease. Photography by High Shots Photography

Utilise vertical space

When floor space is limited, look upwards! Install shelves or display units along the walls to house brochures, models or other promotional materials. Floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets will add places to put decor without making your sales office feel cluttered, and floor-to-ceiling storage solutions will make the room feel more spacious. This will also show potential buyers what’s possible when it comes to stowing things away (or putting them on display).

Haven Sales Office
Haven Sales Office for Stockland. Photography by Nicolaus Raul Photography

Create focal points

Use the principles of strategic placement to designate spots within the sales office that will draw visitors’ attention. This could be a striking piece of artwork, a feature wall with textured wallpaper, or a visual display of the property model. This will distract from the size-challenged nature of your sales office and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Arbor Sales Office for SSD
Arbour Sales Office for SSD Group. Photography by Nicolaus Raul Photography

Incorporate technology

Rather than laying out absolutely everything your development offers and cluttering up your display suite, you can utilise screens to display a range of options on rotation. From floor plans to views to fittings and fixtures – they share certain features on interactive screens for visitors to flick through. This is a brilliant way to help them visualise various elements of the space without actually taking up any of it!

Sussex Inlet Sales Office for Sheargold. Photography by GC Visuals
Sussex Inlet Sales Office for Sheargold. Photography by GC Visuals

Successful small sales office building design

Just because your display suite is smaller doesn’t mean you need to compromise on aesthetic appeal. Take Tillerman Park Ridge’s sales office, for example—a project we completed in 2022 to spotlight the development’s unique attributes in a 48-square-metre space.

On entering the suite, visitors were/are greeted by lush greenery, cosy and comfortable blush-coloured seating and welcoming arch shapes, with pops of teal throughout to tie it all together and remain on brand with Tillerman’s marketing collateral. With cohesive styling and a calming colour palette,  prospective purchasers were/are sure to feel at home instantly. 

We created visual continuity throughout the suite by utilising consistent design elements, with furniture and decor choices that complemented each other in size and scale without overwhelming the space. We also incorporated vertical slats on the walls to create the illusion of height. We used interactive screens to display views from the property, maps of the area, floor plans, and images of amenities. Minimalistic but luxe, this suite was designed to give potential buyers a sneak peek into Tillerman’s standout features.

Let us help you embrace your small space

Though your space may be modest in size, it can easily sparkle with character when clever design choices are made. With the Divas by your side in your small sales office design venture, prospective purchasers won‘t even notice your space constraints – they’ll be too caught up in the inspiration and innovation surrounding them. Capture your potential buyers’ senses in all the right ways with the help of our talented space-enhancing experts, no matter your display suite’s square metreage.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies