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Display suites: A comprehensive guide from concept to completion

First impressions matter. And beyond location, view and budget considerations, what are prospective buyers’ first impressions of your latest development? That’s your display suite’s specialty. After all, it exists to show each enticing aspect of your buyers’ dream space. 

From fixtures and fittings to colour schemes to soft furnishings that tie it all together – your display suite needs to showcase your property’s potential and give it the best possible chance of selling out. Let’s talk turkey about the ins and outs of crafting your most powerful marketing tool: the perfect display suite.

What’s so special about display suites?

Display suites aren’t just physical spaces – they’re immersive experiences. Not only do they allow potential buyers to visualise themselves living a life of luxury in their new home, but they also enable them to form an emotional connection with what they’re seeing. 

A strategically designed display suite instils confidence in buyers, as they can gain a deeper understanding of the building’s design and architecture. It’s like their Pinterest board has come to life: tactile, three-dimensional, rich in texture. A dynamic, engaging, aesthetically appealing display suite will capture eyes, hearts… and contract exchanges.

Broadstead Sales Office for Jinding
Broadstead Sales Office for Jinding. Photography by Daniela Fulford Photography

Designing your display suite

Designing a display suite is a meticulous and multifaceted process that requires an expert lens. It begins with the Diva Works design team understanding the target demographic and creating a customer journey map to ensure that your suite, messaging and marketing collateral are presented in a cohesive, impactful way. 

The design process can then commence, led by careful planning and conceptualisation, all the while shaping a narrative that will resonate with buyers. The Diva Works interior designers will channel their creativity to push the boundaries of conventional design, drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment and incorporating elements into their 3D renders that reflect the development’s unique identity. The end goal? An innovative space that knocks people’s socks off.

Photo by Heist Creative

Incorporating technology and interactive elements

We’re living in the age of technology, and your display suite shouldn’t be left in the past. Give technology and interactive elements their place, and let them elevate your potential buyer’s experience. Virtual reality tours, touchscreens featuring floor plans and alternative design options, and smart home features transport potential buyers into the future. Their future. Show them their view from the 21st floor, or let them listen to the local birdlife that’ll perch on their balcony. As they explore and interact with the space, you’ll feel the excitement in the air – their imagination is sparked, their interest piqued, their mind open to every possibility. Including the possibility of a life-changing purchase.

Ador Sales Office

From conceptualisation to installation

Once the all-important design choices have taken shape, it’s time to bring your display suite into existence. The Diva Works project management team will have sought quotes from the best suppliers in the industry and prepared an activation plan accordingly. Every detail should be executed with the utmost precision. With a skilled Diva project manager coordinating and overseeing the process from start to finish, you can be sure that timelines will be met and quality standards upheld. Construction and installation of your dream display suite should be streamlined and seamless.

Unity Park Sales Office

Fine-tuning and finishing touches

You’re almost ready to welcome all those eager future buyers into your display suite. Now, it’s a matter of elevating the space with lighting and staging, with each hand-picked piece sure to make every visitor’s journey through your display suite memorable—especially those who share the Diva’s unmatched attention to detail. Styled to perfection and sparkling with anticipation, your display suite is ready for its first guests. It’s time to pop the Champagne!

Atherstone Sales Office for Lendlease VIC

Your first step towards a display suite that sells

If the words “mind-blowing”, “our dream home”, and “absolutely bloody beautiful” are how you want potential buyers to feel about your new development, you’re in the right place. Diva Works ensures your display suite mirrors your property’s quality, intention and uniqueness and acts like a magnet to potential buyers. From concept to completion, we’ll be by your side every step, ensuring your display suite or sales office comes together – no stress added. No matter your vision, our Divas have the will – and the skill – to turn it into reality.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies