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Why display suites are a superpower when it comes to selling property developments

The real estate market is booming, and new property developments are popping up every week. This is great news for all in the real estate industry, but it shouldn’t allow us to get complacent about the ease of selling properties. There is still a lot of work to be done to get inspections through the door and even more to be done if we want to convert them into sales. The display suite plays a crucial role in this process.

Display suites are the face of your development. They operate as a tool for creating an emotional connection between the buyer and the property.

As the first physical point of contact between the property and its potential buyer, display suites create a tangible experience that can enhance the property’s appeal. Display suites are a superpower when selling more developments. Here’s why. 

An impactful presentation

It’s said that around 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. We love to be shown much more than told. This is one of the great benefits of the display suite; it creates a visual experience that people generally have a much easier time holding onto.

It’s all well and good to impress clients at the time, but will they remember your spiel when they’re discussing your property at home? This is why it’s important to incorporate visually appealing elements into any display suite design.

Modern furnishings, artworks, and sophisticated colour schemes are all visual design elements that let the buyer know that attention to detail is your priority. Your display suite should have a cohesive theme. It should use space and have a spatial flow that ties the different areas of the home together.

The lighting should be warm and illuminating without being overpowering, creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Building buyer confidence

When we’re dealing with what is generally the largest investment a person will ever make, the need to build buyer confidence is absolutely essential. The display suite has several roles to play in building the kind of trust that convinces people to part with their money. 

The first of these is that it showcases the actual product. Putting it in the hands and eyes of the potential buyer. Display suites are a tangible representation of what their money will get them.

Uncertainty is the antithesis of good sales practice. If buyers are unsure about anything, they’re not buying.

Display suites also help to reduce uncertainty, not only in their ability to show the property off but also with the environment they create where buyers can have their concerns heard and answered. 

Beyond alleviating existing doubts and concerns, display suites can also show buyers what could exist. For the less imaginative buyer, display suites are the perfect opportunity to show them the potential of the space.

This helps buyers to envision themselves in the property. Either because they will have a better understanding of how the space will accommodate their own belongings or because they’ll wish to live in a place as visually stunning as the room they’re standing in.

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Strategic positioning in the market

Your property development must be able to stand out in what is undoubtedly a crowded market. This presents a number of challenges for developers, all of which can be overcome by using the display suite to show your buyers what they want to see.

All good display suite designs have unique features that help them to stand out from the competition. These little snippets of uniqueness can come in many forms. Whether those are innovative designs, unique architectural elements or even the use of advanced technologies, all of these unique aspects help to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Display suites can be used effectively when they align with buyer aspirations and expectations. While no property development is going to have just one kind of person living there, there is still a target demographic to be aimed for.

Understanding this target demographic and building a display suite that matches it are great ways to ensure you attract your ideal buyer. Depending on the demographic, your display suite design might highlight certain luxury elements, or it may lean on more practical features aimed at making daily life smoother.

These features should reflect the wants and wishes of your ideal buyer, so knowing what you want to aim for is ideal. 

Overcoming objections and closing deals

On top of being a first impression maker and an inspiration giver, display suites often serve as a deal closer. Common concerns for buyers can range from issues about space, the functionality of the place, the value for money, and anything else that might be stopping them from signing on the dotted line.

These are to be expected, and while they’re usually handled verbally by sales consultants, a good display suite serves as a concrete reinforcement of anything the consultant says. A great display suite often works preemptively, alleviating concerns that buyers may have, sometimes without the need even to raise them. 

These showrooms are a crucial tool in the arsenal of any sales consultant, and one that’s packed with features and functionality is only going to help them close the deal.

Specific features of the display suite can be used to counteract doubts, like showing the quality of the materials, the efficiency of space design, or the integration of technology and other lifestyle amenities. 

Additionally, a display suite can be used to personalise the experience delivered by the sales consultant to each individual buyer.

By using insights gleaned from conversations with the buyer, they can tailor the walkthrough and use the display suite to hone in on the features that are most relevant to them. This ties back to knowing your demographic and choosing a display suite design that speaks to that type of person.

The psychological impact of a tailored display suite experience shouldn’t be overlooked. It helps the buyer picture the property as their future home and believes it will fit their lifestyle as intended. 

As market dynamics change and buyer expectations evolve, the impact of display suites will continue to grow and adapt. If you want to ensure that your development is putting its best foot forward for every buyer, contact today.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies