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Project Showcase: Five Of Our Latest Display Suite Designs

Every display suite design project is unique, challenging and, above all, rewarding – for us, our clients and their customers. When plans are ambitious and time and budget constraints are stacked against you, there’s nothing better than walking a client through a space that exceeds their expectations. Here are five of our latest show-stopping display suite designs that have created lasting impressions.

Cobbitty Sales Office for Mirvac

Cobbitty was a sales office we crafted for a greenfield estate in Sydney. With a short turnaround time for design and fit-out, this project transformed an existing reuse sales office into a space that married the relaxed country vibe with the amenities more commonly found in the city. To convey Mirvac’s vision for the development to potential customers, the sales office needed to reflect Cobbitty’s character. This rural town is steeped in history and surrounded by rural landscapes, yet it is also connected to fast-growing localities like Camden and Narellan. 

The client trusted our team, challenging us to elevate the design and giving us the space to make their vision a reality. As always, the Divas were flexible and efficient, making the space work and shine within the tight deadline. Our work on this gorgeous space won us more than just rave reviews from Mirvac and its customers – we also took home Silver for the sales office in both the Sydney and the Australian Better Design Awards.

Cobbitty Sales Centre
Cobbitty Sales Centre - Photo by: Walter Macri Studio

Prince and Parade Sales Office for Mirvac

Diva Works designed the Prince and Parade sales office for a Mirvac apartment development at the edge of the CBD in  Melbourne. This project challenged us to blend luxury with nature, designing for style and sustainability as we strived to create two separate yet harmonious spaces in different timeframes. 

Scheduling trades around two timelines was challenging despite cross-over in finishes and materials. Since the sales office was in a shop-front tenancy 800 metres away rather than being on-site, it was paramount that we designed with clarity in mind, ensuring buyers understood that the sales office location was not the development location. What’s more, we had to apply the rules of retail tenancy to a sales office to answer an all-important question: how do we capture and pique the attention of passers-by and after-hours visitors? 

Triumph in the face of adversity is the best triumph, and this apartment development sales office is a testament to that. Despite numerous DA delays, shifting timelines and a long six-month install period, the Divas’ motivation and zest for the project never waned. We pulled through to deliver a stunning, much-loved sales office that perfectly showcases this first-class Mirvac development.

Peppercorn Sales Office for the Dennis Family

The Peppercorn Hill project, a sales office and cafe for a greenfield estate in Melbourne, is our biggest sales office to date. Born during COVID-19 lockdowns and extending through inflationary periods, this project was our biggest challenge yet. Despite the scarcity of trades and material costs putting pressure on budgets, we designed and fitted a sales office that stands out in a competitive Melbourne corridor and features a cafe worthy of any inner-city coffee lover.

The first step in our 6-step sales office strategy is deep-diving into a client’s objectives. We hold meetings and workshops with the developer to learn everything there is to know about their ideal customer and design our spaces with this audience at the forefront of our minds. For the Peppercorn Hill project, this meant creating a sales office that embodied the family-centred, healthy living community that the Dennis Family wanted to create. The result? The client has already booked us for the next sales office, and the operator of Peppercorn Cafe is running off their feet with demand for their food and beverages (we recommend the hot chocolate and toasties). Customers return to the sales office again and again, driving robust sales.

Peppercorn Sales Office for the Dennis Family
Peppercorn Sales Office for the Dennis Family - Photo by: Daniela Fulford Photography

Isle Sales Office for Mirvac

We designed the Isle sales office for a Mirvac waterfront apartment development in Brisbane. The Divas had already fitted out the sales office only 8 months prior, a memorable project that occurred during lockdowns and border closures and required Fiona, our CEO to be out of home for 6 weeks. However, Mirvac tasked us with starting the re-design process much sooner than anticipated due to gang-buster sales of this stunning project. 

The fact that it was not an initial fit-out came with its challenges, as we weren’t working with a blank canvas. We had to apply a new brand and a new design to the existing space, modifying the fabric of the building so that a larger, more elaborate kitchen could be displayed. Finding a balance between the time we spent on demolition and the time we dedicated to installing the new elements was a test but not one we shied away from.

Not only did we meet the tight deadline, but we also helped Mirvac maintain its strong sales in the next phase of its Waterfront development. We elevated what was already a world-class sales office, adding more luxe finishes and details that reflect the design of the building. A stand-out example is the custom-cut archways, reflective of the architect-designed building. This formed part of a feature wall that revealed an alternate finish behind. Mirvac was so impressed with the design feature that it is considering using it in the common areas of its building. 

Isle Sales Office for Mirvac
Isle Sales Office for Mirvac - Photo by High Shots Photography

Tillerman Sales Office for HB Land

Our Tillerman project was a sales office for HB Land’s greenfield estate in Brisbane that was all about thinking outside of the box. HB Land challenged us to create a display suite that defied its small building’s box-like structure. While box-form sales offices are cost-effective, they tend to all look the same rather than uniquely representing the brand and the development. Small sales offices get a bad rap as many are cluttered and overwhelming. We worked with HB Land to strip back the non-essentials and for the space, ensuring it exuded the fresh, modern appeal at the heart of the client’s vision for the Park Ridge development. We used technology to elevate the sales office, incorporating a touch screen within a table to display layers of content curated for the customer, eliminating the wall-to-wall blanket application of graphics. The shaped verandah with feature arches over the entry deck echoed the brand elements and elevated the sales office cabin above the “box”. For a seamless transition between outside and in, we carried the feature arch elements through in the internal design, installing custom-made feature wall lights and a shaped space divider. We had to think big to fit the vital development content into such a small area, and the finished product was a big hit with the sales team and their customers.

Tillerman Sales Office
Tillerman Sales Office - Photography by High Shots Photography

Sales office and display suites to sell out developments

Feeling inspired? These five projects give you just a taste of the portfolio of design projects Diva Works has delivered over the years. If you’re looking for a team of property experts to design and fit out your sales office or custom display suite, contact today.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies