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Display suites that are
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Transform your development sales strategy with stunning display suites by Diva Works

Bringing a development to life is difficult enough. Don’t let your display suite let you down.

Diva Works has been designing display suites that sell out developments for over 20 years. From luxury residences to family-focused estates, our work has helped thousands of prospective buyers fall in love with properties before they are built.

Maximising impact and driving sales

When it comes to selling developments, it’s all about looks. But how do you get prospects to see your vision when there’s nothing to see yet? The answer is a display suite that has all the elements needed to turn a maybe into a yes. 

Our display suites are strategic assets designed to help you sell more developments. Every design decision, from the layout to the lighting, is carefully thought out to ensure your property leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers and investors. 

Elements of an effective display suite

A good display suite is more than just a physical space; it’s a strategic marketing tool designed to showcase the unique features and benefits of property development effectively. Several key elements contribute to making a display suite successful:

Aesthetic appeal

Looks matter. High-quality finishes, modern furnishings, and attention to detail create an attractive and inviting space potential buyers and investors will love.


A winning display suite isn’t just eye candy; it’s functional too. Visitors should be able to navigate the space easily and visualise themselves living in the development. 


We’re all about catering to every taste and preference because, let’s face it, one size does not fit all. Our display suites are designed to suit any layout configurations and customisation possibilities.

Technology integration

Say goodbye to basic! Our display suites are equipped with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, from VR to interactive touchscreens, to bring your development to life in ways you never thought possible.

Ordering and Production

We’re not just about making a statement; we’re about making a lasting impression. Every detail in our display suites, from the decor to the signage, is carefully curated.

We work with developers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and across Australia to deliver all this and more! If you’re after a display suite that does what it should get in touch with Diva Works.


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A successful sales office is a 6-step strategy

There’s no luck in creating a sales office that successfully markets your property project. Diva Works has developed a 6 Step Sales Office Strategy that ensures your sales office is a stand-out, delivered on time and on budget.


Discovery deep dive

Through a series of meetings and workshops, we explore your objectives. We focus on the ideal customer, what attracts them and the information they’re seeking. We investigate methods to bring your project brand to life in unique and interesting ways so your sales team has all the tools they need to secure sales.


Creating the space

With the brief locked in, our interior designers and graphics specialists create the overarching look and feel for your sales office. We produce detailed floor plans, scaled elevations, and realistic walk-through renders that allow you to see the entire sales office fit-out before any construction has commenced.


Proposal and Costings

There’s no project without practicality. This stage of the process looks at the proposal in fine detail and assesses the project’s overall requirements, functionality and costings. We provide an overview of fit-out costs and a top-tier timeline so you know what we’re committing to deliver – and when.


Review and Approve

One last review of the renders, a double check on the availability of discussion furniture, and an alternate option for the display of the master plan – all these details and more are confirmed by us for our clients. At this stage of the quote acceptance, we know that trust and clarity are everything, and you need confidence in your sales office partner to deliver everything as promised.

Diva Works

Ordering and Production

We’re into the full swing of the delivery phase here, meeting with suppliers to run through finishes, scrutinising printing proofs, placing furniture orders and tracking deliveries. Our WHS risk assessments are compiled, completed and logged, and we do a last run check to ensure a drama-free install.


Install and Handover

Diva Works project management includes every stage of construction and fit-out. We’re onsite daily through installation, and we oversee every single element because we’re meticulous about the smallest detail. Once complete, we walk you through your sales space and pop the champagne to celebrate our successful collaboration in delivering another sales office that sparkles.

We’re divas by name – not by nature

Why settle for ordinary when it comes to your display suite? Our team is about pushing boundaries, delivering stunning designs, and crafting spaces that inspire people to buy. We’re not afraid to think outside the box and thrive on creating innovative solutions so competitors don’t get a look in.





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