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Over the years, Diva Works has helped countless property developers sell their projects. One thing we’ve seen is that it takes more than just building a great property to make your development succeed. While that certainly helps, so much of the success is often down to the property development marketing strategy. 

The best way to market your development is to progress potential buyers through a ‘marketing funnel’. A marketing funnel intends to take potential buyers from having never heard of your development to signing on the dotted line. 

For simplicity, let’s say this marketing funnel has three overall stages: the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Read on to understand what marketing strategies fit into each stage and how they generate property sales.

Top of the funnel — Generating awareness

Before anyone visits the sales office at your development, they need to know about it. At this early stage (usually 7+ months before completion of the development), it’s all about getting the word out there and piquing interest. First impressions matter, so invest in quality marketing materials to give people the best perception of your development.

Build a landing page.

We suggest beginning with your property development’s online presence. Make sure you’re set up with a well-crafted landing page for people to look at. This landing page (or entire website, if you don’t have one already) is going to be the online face of your development. A successful landing page will use two things in particular: search engine optimisation (SEO) and 3D renders of the property.

SEO will help make your page more visible to search engines, driving traffic to it. 3D renders help put the customer in the property without actually being there. A good SEO strategy and visually appealing 3D renders should be enough to move the buyer into the second stage.

Create flyers, brochures, billboards and banners.

We should also mention that a good property development marketing strategy is both digital and physical. Physical advertisements such as flyers, brochures, billboards and large banners are still a highly effective way of creating localised visibility.

Middle of the funnel – Nurturing leads

Once your property development gets some visibility and generates interest, it’s time to show the potential buyer why your property is the one. The best way to achieve this is to bring your development to life with a display suite

Build a display suite.

Display suites create a tangible, immersive experience of the finished property. This helps buyers to transcend floorplans and renders, allowing them to envision themselves in the space. It offers them a test drive. 

This is the chance to really wow the buyer. Showing them the luxury features and curated design of the property. The reality is that most buyers won’t just be looking at your display suite. So standing out from the crowd is necessary. Partnering with an innovative display suite builder like Diva Works ensures your display suite will have the technology and design features to leave a lasting impression

A note on sales offices: You need more time than you initially think. You’ll need to secure (in most cases, build a new one) a building or tenancy, design the space, write specs and quote, manufacture the fit-out and then install. Current lead times would suggest you’ll need 9 to 12 months from starting the process to popping the champagne corks on launch day.

Village Green Sales Office
Photography by KD Media

Utilise digital marketing

Email follow-ups and targeted ads are brilliant ways to stay relevant and top of mind to your potential buyer. These ad types work to reaffirm the value you’ve shown with your display suite and keep your customers engaged with your project as it moves through its various stages.

Updates such as completion progress and occupancy rates helps to create urgency and move buyers into the third stage of your property development marketing funnel.

Bottom of the funnel – closing the deal

Any good marketing funnel needs to turn interest and desire into action. In this final stage, you want your property development to be positioned as the best possible choice for the buyer.

Build a sales office – yes, it’s relevant at this stage of the marketing nurture sequence.

Potential buyers don’t purchase unless all their needs are met, their objections are handled, and they feel the urgency to act. To make sure that all of those bases are covered, it’s crucial to have a sales office that wows them.

For interested buyers, visiting the sales office is the logical next step. Often positioned next to the display suite, the sales office provides an environment for potential buyers to discuss the finer details of the property with the sales agent.

Modeina Sales Office for The Dennis Family
Photography by Daniela Fulford Photogrpahy

Create compelling sales collateral.

By this third stage, the customer’s interest is piqued and now your team must provide all of the practical information necessary for the buyer to make their decision. Investing in high-quality sales collateral makes this information easy to read and digest, removing friction for the buyer.

Sussex Inlet Sales Office for Sheargold
Photography by GCC Visuals

By following the above steps, you’ll be setting your property development up for success. Are you looking for a deeper understanding of how to market your property development? Chat with the team at Diva Works today.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies