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This Christmas we’ve decided to give to those who really need us

2020 has been a challenging year for us, but it’s been devastating for many other Australians. So this year, we’ve decided to spend our Christmas gift budget on those who could really do with a little boost. Below are the charities that each Diva Works team member felt compelled to donate to.

Celeste: Lifeline

I personally know of two tragic losses this year…. A friend and a neighbour have both tragically lost one of their family members to suicide this year. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but for some, it’s been the worst ever.

Rachael: Australian Cancer Research Foundation

I was at my friends funeral yesterday, who died at the age of 35 with terminal stomach cancer. Anything to help fund research to ensure more information is known on how to diagnose early or improve the quality of life (success rate for surviving over 5 years with it is less than 30%) would be great!


Sands is a volunteer-based organisation providing individualised care from one bereaved parent to another, giving them support and hope for the future, following the death of a baby.

Trina: The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation

The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation is based are at the end of the walkway here at the Kirrawee office. They raise money for research into kids cancers and support the larger hospitals including the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne where my nephew Riley is currently going for his battle with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Kate: The Leukaemia Foundation

Leukaemia cancer has affected my family quite closely, and hopefully our donation will help get us one step closer to curing it completely.

Sue: Share The Dignity

Access to Sanitary Products should be a right not a privilege. Period poverty affects many homeless women and those fleeing domestic violence situations.

Nicky: Kids Helpline

The Kids Helpline is close to my heart, as a good friend’s daughter committed suicide a few years back. So mental illness is now something I try to be as open and honest as I can be with my own children.

Lisa: Cancer Council

Everyone knows someone who has been devastated by cancer. Gifts to this charity will help people affected by cancer, who are experiencing financial hardship, to access vital financial relief services. This will help ease the stress during an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Desi: Rural Aid

Rural Aid provides critical support including water, fodder (hay), financial and counselling assistance to help farmers (primary producers) who endure drought, flood and fire.

Channel 9 ran a concert the other night – Good on ya mate – lots of interviews with the farmers and their struggles especially with the drought and fires earlier in the year – not much talked about anymore with the COVID madness going on but so real and so sad some of the stories…
Thank you Fiona, this is a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas and it’s making me very happy knowing that we’ll be able to help charity organisation do their bit!

Fiona: Support Act

I worship at the altar of rock and roll. The best therapy I’ve ever had was the sheer joy that is the live music experience. I listen to rock and roll when I need the answers to life, need inspiration or when I need a way forward. I’ve been bereft without live music this year and although I’ve bought more artist’s music this year than ever. I know it’s not enough to support the artists and crew out there that are struggling. This charity has been doing the Lord’s work in championing the plight out of work artists and crew. Much respect to their help and initiatives in making sure we all get to the other side of this extraordinary year – and have music to enjoy and see live on the other side.

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies