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This is why Diva is not giving presents this year

Diva Works Team

Last Year the Divas decided to donate to their favourite charities instead of giving client gifts. We’re doing it again this year, and hope you agree that this way of gifting will bring many more smiles than sending  another bottle of bubbly!

Celeste has chosen Kids Helpline

Celeste has the biggest heart, so it’s so surprise that she chose Kids Helpline as her charity. In the past few years during Covid-19, there’s been an overwhelming need for kids accessing all kinds of support and Kids Helpline provides such a vital role in being a reassuring and non-judgemental voice on the other end of a telephone line. Read more about this charity here.

Rachael has chosen Good Company

This one is quite sad! But the story of the 5 f*!*%# lowlifes that kicked and threw a pregnant penguin to death still makes me tear up. I would love our donation to go towards the support on helping these lil guys out. The penguins live on St Kilda Pier and unfortunately their nests are eroding and forcing them to get near some nasty humans! This donation will help with maintenance on the foreshore, microchipping, research into regeneration of their habitat and litter clean up to ensure these penguins have the best life! Read more about this charity here.

Emma has chosen The Gidget Foundation

The Gidget foundation raise awareness or perinatal depression and anxiety and provide support for those in need. They provide support services for families suffering emotional distress during pregnancy and early parenting and also offer education and awareness programs for health professionals and the community. Read more about the charity here.

Trina has chosen the R U OK Day Foundation

Andrew, my partner, knew Gavin Larkin the man who started up the foundation. After Gavin’s father took his own life, he started asking the question of people “R U Ok”? which turned into the foundation. Gavin sadly passed away of cancer, and quite horribly his son passed away two years later of a brain tumour. Gavin was a big beautiful rambunctious man! I can’t imagine the heartache of that family. It’s come full circle where quite simply Andrew’s sister sent a SMS “R U Ok”? to someone she knew was not in a good place quite recently and that has started the positive dialogue/conversation for that person to seek help and to accept that help. Everyone is going through something behind the daily work, education, life grind… checking in once & a while is good for both them and yourself. Thank you FJ! Read more about this charity here.

Lisa has chosen Melanoma Organisation Australia

Lisa was part of the generation where it was common for you to head to the beach, lather on the coconut oil and bake in the sun’s rays. Those heady days have had devastating consequences with Australians having the highest Melanoma rates in the world and around 1,315 will die because of it in 2021. Lisa is our early warning alarm system in Diva, reminding us to get regular skin checks and always wear sunscreen when outdoors in the day time. Read more about this charity here.

Fiona has chosen Support Act

Live music got kicked in the nuts again in 2021 and I don’t think we’ll ever understand how – largely – 2 years without the one-of-a-kind experience of seeing and playing live music has impacted the lives of so many artists, support crew, venues and music lovers.
Now that we’re cautiously opening up, I’m booking live music dates like a woman possessed. I’m yearning for that feeling as your anticipation and excitement goes up as the house lights go down. That experience of seeing a live performance with so many strangers pressed together and being enraptured by the performers and the music created. Listing to music is awesome and has sustained me during Covid but live music gives me life. I’ve got Amy and the Sniffers, Emma Donovan and The Push Backs all cued up in January, and I’m going to go off like a frog in a sock. See you on the dance floor. Read more about this charity here.

Lily has chosen the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

Every day in Australia, 4 women are diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and 3 will die from the disease. Astonishingly, the overall 5 year survival rate in Australia for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is 46% – in comparison, for breast cancer it’s 91% – and these statistics haven’t changed in the last 20 years. In 2010, my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer but thankfully was one of the lucky ones and has now been cancer free for 11 years. The key to survival is early detection which is exactly what the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s ultimate goal is – researching and developing better detection methods. Read more about this charity here.

Karen has chosen The Smith Family

I believe that every child has the right to the things that sustain life – food, water, shelter, love – and to be able to access a good education, irrespective of the family’s economic circumstances. Did you know that today, one in six Australian children are growing up in poverty? Children don’t choose their circumstances, and The Smith Family help disadvantaged Australian children engage with their education through literacy, numeracy, technology and arts programs – helping them be the best that they can be, providing an opportunity to find a path out of poverty and break the cycle of disadvantage. A bit of history – The Smith Family started when a group of businessmen were dining at Christmas time and wondered together what less fortunate folk would be doing for Christmas. This resulted in a visit to a local orphanage armed with gifts for the children. When asked who should be thanked, wishing to remain anonymous the response was “Mr Smith”. And what about the others? “We are all Smiths.” The organisation started out as The Smith Family Joyspreaders Unlimited. What a great word – joyspreaders. Thank you Diva Works for spreading extra joy this festive season. Read more about the charity here.

Amy (our 10 year old CEO in Training) has chosen Dachshund IVDD Support

My fur brother is a Dachshund, Archie. A lot of dachshunds can suffer from really bad back problems because they have really long backs and they like jumping up even through you yell at them and tell them not to. IVDD Support do a lot of education and awareness so people know how to look after their dachshund back’s but they have had no luck so far in teaching dachshund’s to listen to what you tell them NOT to do, including jumping up on high beds and comfy lounges. Rad more about this charity here.

Diva Works Team

The photos above are from the Diva’s 20th birthday celebration in May 2021. We dodged border closures and Covid lockdowns to celebrate two decades in business. We’re so grateful to all our clients for the projects we’ve collaborated on, we never take that trust and faith in us to deliver awesome sales offices, for granted

Fiona Jefferies
Fiona Jefferies