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How Diva Created the “Wow Factor” for Parklea Property Development

So, you’ve got a killer development on your hands and it’s time to start selling.

It’s a master planned subdivision that is exactly what the local area – as well as local Melbournites themselves – are crying out for.  The roll out to market plan is finalised, budgets have been approved and you’re ready to start selling. Just one problem… your display suite just isn’t cutting it. It’s not, what’s the word… “bad” per say.  It just doesn’t have that wow factor that your company is known for.  And with tens of millions of dollars already invested in the project you know near enough is absolutely not good enough.

This was the situation that Jarod – the Sales and Marketing Manager at Parklea Property Development – faced recently.  And that’s how he ended up working with us.

“I had heard about Diva Works after they completed some great work for some of Australia’s largest development companies,” explains Jarod, “but I still needed to be convinced that they were the right fit for our company and most importantly, this development.”

“From our first meeting I could see they were the team for us,” says Jarod…

“I explained that we had a sales office already built by a different team but I was concerned that it lacked wow factor, didn’t feel homely.  I couldn’t stress enough how important those elements were and I began to feel at ease the more the girls shared their ideas.”

“After that meeting I basically handed them the keys and said go for it.” says Jarod…

And I was rewarded 100%.  Diva Works knew not only how to stick to a budget but they also actually understood how to get the most out of it.  From the outset they were very transparent with briefs and knew how to manage stakeholders with regular updates and any changes that popped up along the way.”

Informed and quick decision making kept the project on time and under budget

According to Jarod, the project went incredibly smoothly, despite the usual challenges along the way.

“Diva Works showed an ability to make informed yet quick decisions to keep the project moving on time and on budget.

On this occasion the Diva Works team brought in their own contractors to make the necessary changes.  This involved knocking out a few walls and making some electrical changes.

“Each contractor that came in seemed to have the same professionalism as the Diva Works team.  As if cut from the same cloth as Fiona herself, with tight deadlines and budgets to stick to the site remained a professional and pleasant environment to be in.

All involved provided the confidence and trust needed so my team could let them run with their ideas and we could focus on other important aspects of the development. 

There was no need to oversee every aspect personally as regular updates from Sue and Desiree without needing to be prompted allowed my focus and headspace to be elsewhere.”

And the end result?

“Stunning,” says Jarod.

“They were able to portray the high quality components that we needed to exhibit throughout  the sales space while keeping the overall theme and feel of the development.

“That ability allowed them to deliver not just something beautiful, but also something streamlined which aids the sales flow. 

“They added the wow factor we wanted without it being at all confusing.  The streamlined nature of the space proves clarity for the client so they can interpret exactly what it would feel like to live here.”

“Diva Works are as professional a team as can be.  They know what works and what doesn’t.”

Want that first class service on your development project that Jarod raves about? Get in contact here.


Diva Works created and built this custom sales office for Parklea Property Development. To mirror the branding of their Kaduna development and achieve a modern style, we used a black, white, gold and yellow colour palette, with pops of vibrant green thanks to hanging plants. Our team even incorporated a map painted directly on the wall, with a section dedicated to highlighting the more than 100-year history of Parklea to showcase their longstanding dedication to delivering outstanding developments.

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