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Suite 5, 171 Greville Street, Prahran VIC 3181
Land Sales Office, Stockland


CASE STUDY: Altrove Sales Office For Stockland

A sales office fit out in 3 days…are you kidding?!? No….this is not a drill.

Although the Altrove sales office for Stockland had a generous design and strategy lead time, the actual build and install phase was super compressed due to building delays. We were so lucky to have understanding and can-do suppliers to achieve a lightning fast install that shoehorned a normal 7-day install into 3. It was all Diva’s on deck as we took shifts in being on site directing and assisting in the fit out including one memorable overnighter to achieve to 10am launch time. The outcome? A near sell out and an ecstatic client. Here’s what she said:

“The timeframe was ridiculous and Diva Works went above and beyond. I have the confidence in them to stand back and let them get on with it as I know they will do an amazing job every time. They take the stress out of what is a very challenging and time critical process.

Nothing is ever a problem for Diva Works – they are always trying to find another solution to a problem! The Altrove sales office was stylish, functional and on budget. I’d work with them again, no question, due to their quality product, seamless delivery and smooth process. Plus, they get the business we’re in and the many variables we’re up against. Diva Works are AMAZING!”


Land Sales Office for Stockland

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