Case Studies

A sales office fit out in 3 days…are you kidding?!? No….this is not a drill.

Although the Altrove sales office for Stockland had a generous design and strategy lead time, the actual build and install phase was super compressed due to building delays. We were so lucky to have understanding and can-do suppliers to achieve a lightning fast install that shoehorned a normal 7-day install into 3.

It was all Diva’s on deck as we took shifts in being on site directing and assisting in the fit out including one memorable overnighter to achieve to 10am launch time.

The outcome? A near sell out and an ecstatic client. Here’s what she said:

“The timeframe was ridiculous and Diva Works went above and beyond. I have the confidence in them to stand back and let them get on with it as I know they will do an amazing job every time. They take the stress out of what is a very challenging and time critical process.
Nothing is ever a problem for Diva Works – they are always trying to find another solution to a problem! The Altrove sales office was stylish, functional and on budget. I’d work with them again, no question, due to their quality product, seamless delivery and smooth process. Plus, they get the business we’re in and the many variables we’re up against. Diva Works are AMAZING!”

Can a sales office be both classy, still attract the right-fit clients and deliver sales? The Newport sales office proves it can be done.

The sales office designed and delivered for the Newport development to the north of Brisbane had to be both modern and reflect its ideal position on the water. While it needed to have a modern design, it couldn’t be too slick as it would have turned off the ideal customer Stockland was hoping to target as buyers.

The end result was a beautiful, welcoming space that customers loved being in and perfectly showcased the Newport lifestyle. Our client had this to say about working with us:

“I approached Diva Works to design and manage the fit out of the water themed Newport sales office and I needed it to be classy!  
I loved the amazing design of the sales office, especially the water feature and the use of greenery and timber.  
The best part of working with Diva Works was the ease of communication, nothing was ever a problem!”
Does a tight budget mean you get a sales office that looks below par? Not if you’re like Peet and partner with Bailey Studio and Diva Works to deliver the sales office!

Bailey Studio and Diva Works teamed up to design and deliver the Cornerstone sales office. Bailey concentrated on their “zone of genius area” setting the tone and feel of the sales office through the savvy selection of finishes and furniture. Diva Works focussed on the marketing elements and customer journey translating the sales office objectives into a marketable space. The client was upfront with their limited budget in the initial briefing phase so Bailey Studio and Diva Works got busy on finding solutions that delivered luxe for less! Our client was thrilled with the end result:

“The sales office looks amazing and it met the vision set out in the brief. It was great working with Bailey Studio and Diva Works on the project as we felt we got two experts in their field working on the project.
It was a very thorough design process and all the best ideas were presented to us. We had a budget that was limited and Bailey and the Diva’s found a way to deliver within that budget.
The approach was very streamlined and Bailey Studio and Diva Works did an outstanding job for Cornerstone. They worked well together, were patient with me and worked extremely hard to deliver the sales office.”


A landmark sales office delivered in 4 weeks from design to launch?   Say it ain’t so…

But yes, it was! Lend Lease took over the Auroa development from Places Victoria and wanted to re-brand and re-fresh the sales office in a hang-onto-your high-heels 4 weeks. Rubbing the lucky rabbits foot throughout the whole process, we were lucky to have super reliable and up-for-a-challenge suppliers who leapt in made sure the sales office was ready to welcome customers within 4 weeks from the initial brief. It was also helpful having a client that understood the time pressures and made herself available for immediate feedback and sign off. From a very happy and relieved client:

“The Aurora sales office had a very strict timeline but I had full trust in the capabilities and management of the Diva Works Team. I always felt at ease with the re-fit being in their hands.
The finished product was exactly on brief! Seeing the sales & information centre come to life was very impressive. It was modern, fresh and perfectly on brand. The Diva team are incredible project managers, with very easy communication, they were on top of absolutely everything and provided constant updates which were very helpful. 
From my experience with Diva Works, there isn’t anything Diva Works can’t do!”


Sometimes a full sales office re-fit isn’t the only answer…a refresh provides a low cost option but high impact result!

The Mernda sales office to the north of Melbourne had been ticking along quite happily but after a few years, it was looking a little tired and needed some Diva love.   The development did not have the funds for a full refit, so we concentrated on designing a better customer journey and refining the colour palette so it looked more contemporary and in keeping with the Mernda brand. Diva Works had also worked on some nearby sales offices for Stockland and their new sparkling design had further downgraded the look of Mernda in comparison. Our client was so grateful for the end result:

“The Mernda sales space was dark, dated and not utilized to its full advantage. The design that Diva Works came up with was fresh, makes better use of the spaces and is much “friendlier” to the customer.
I loved working with Diva Works as they are the one-stop-shop. I knew if I asked for anything to be done, it would be completed 100% and with a smile! The entire team has a helpful and “can do” approach. No request is too small or too difficult. Everything is covered from start to finish.
Diva Works is a fantastic team of professionals that are wonderful to work with across all aspects of a project. Their can-do approach and tireless efforts to meet their clients needs goes above and beyond all expectations!”

A sales office spruce up done in 5 weeks? You bet!

A partial strip of the sales office occurred to build a new display kitchen and include timber joinery that are featured in the Mirvac built homes. As the sales office could not be closed for an extended time, the display items were installed within 3 days and consisted of custom veneer framed prints, printed mural self adhesive graphics and 3D lettering all combining to create a stunning outcome.

“I liked working with Fiona as nothing is an issue and there is always a “fix” to a problem. The quality of the fit out is amazing and the feedback from staff and customer has been very positive. Fiona is a pleasure to work with and always makes life much easier. Her project management and problem solving skills are invaluable to Mirvac!”



Sales offices are not always confined to temporary cabins, they are increasingly being used in retail developments to capitalise on increased passing traffic and to embed themselves within the community they are selling. Stockland wanted to maximise the awareness of their McKeachie’s Run development in regional NSW so they chose to fit out a retail space in their nearby shopping centre development. Doing the fit out in a heart racing 5 weeks (including DA application – YOWSERS!), the install of the simple, stylish fit out saw an influx of pressed noses up against the glass shopfront itching to know more about McKeachie’s Run. A digital screen in the front window entertained and intrigued the passers-by and the vivid orange palette of graphics lured them with to learn more.

“I loved how Fiona went above and beyond for this job and it really speaks volumes when you look at the fantastic result. I really appreciated the extra effort, the pure professionalism of Fiona’s attitude and the breadth of her experience.”


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